FM5 dilution system for the cleaning of large area

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Big cleaning companies, catering companies and structures must guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of large environments, with an eye to costs and manage inventory.

With a view to general spending review, cut the cost of consumables seems to be the most immediate and simple action to do. FM5 and FM related products are a valuable opportunity to switch to systems and products that reduce costs and increase the return on investment.

The FM5 dilution system is the solution to reduce waste and consumption, speed up the work time and reduce operators' efforts through a training program for use to ensure the achievement of health objectives necessary for the health of the public spaces.

The FM5 diluter and the full range of FM related products are patented and formulated by our Allegrini’s R & D department.

The Allegrini technical staff is at the customer's side to optimize each step of the process, proceeding to the installation and calibration, as well as the adequate training of the staff.

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