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A line of fragrances studied to involve your customers

A year full of news for the high perfumery sector: in Allegrini a new line was created, designed by Allegrini Emozioni Italiane, entirely dedicated to the fragrance of big areas.

The BIG SPACE LINE is composed of six fragrances: mixtures of essential oils and precious essences that envelop wide spaces up to 200 m², allowing the perfect coverage.

Thanks to the professional diffuser, an automatic dispenser with an essential and modern design (available in black and white colours), each of the six fragrances gives a unique atmosphere to any environment, atomising micro particles of perfume in the air in the form of almost imperceptible vapour. Simply pour the contents of the bottle into the container inside, set the fuel consumption and close again before activation.

Adjustable and customizable according to any need, the professional diffuser distributes Allegrini Emozioni Italiane essences in the desired quantity and times, making welcoming wellness centresgymsofficesshopshotelsshowrooms and exhibition areas.

A simple and functional technology combines, therefore, the high selection of fragrances: your customers will be guided in sensory and olfactory itineraries that will lead them into the world of memories and emotions.

An aromatherapy journey that awakens their past sensations and brings them to familiarize themselves with your environments, keeping them longer and encouraging them to return, to relive the same emotions.


Discover the fragrances available:

21 SORRENTO REFILL BIG SPACEjasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, amber, vanilla

22 VENEZIA REFILL BIG SPACErose, orange blossoms, jasmine, lilac

23 FIRENZE REFILL BIG SPACEwild flowers and sandalwood

24 CORTINA REFILL BIG SPACEaromatic fragrance of lavender, rose, citrus and orange blossom

25 CAPRI REFILL BIG SPACE, open skies and sea breeze

26 SIENA REFILL BIG SPACE, lavender and cotton flowers

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