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A new line of fragrances with high concentration of perfume for environments

This new half of the year opens for Allegrini with another news, this time in the field of high perfumery: the LENTO RILASCIO LINE of Allegrini Emozioni Italiane fragrances, four very performing fragrances with an high concentration of perfume.

Born from an accurate and refined selection, result of numerous tests conducted by the best perfumers and our trusty lab experts, the Lento Rilascio line includes the use of a glass bottle (size of 250ml or 500ml) and rattan sticks. After pouring the content of the 500ml bottle into the glass container, in fact, through the rattan sticks the fragrances gradually release into the environment a long-lasting fragrance.

The Lento Rilascio Line thus becomes an elegant piece of furniture to make welcoming home, office, wellness center, spa, gym, business activities and hotels.

As if by magic, every fragrance will carry you to one of the dreamy Italian cities!


By selection from among:

81 SORRENTO REFILL, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, amber, vanilla

82 VENEZIA REFILLrose, orange blossoms, jasmine, lilac

83 FIRENZE REFILLwild flowers and sandalwood

84 CORTINA REFILLlavender, rose, with zesty citrus touches of orange blossom

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