New Parquet Care… and your parquet will come back as new!

 Casa / Stiri / New Parquet Care… and your parquet will come back as new!

Specific treatment for parquet

Quality and innovation are at the forefront for Allegrini.

That's why every day we study the characteristics of products in the name of excellence and progress, often indicating trend of our industry sector.

A unique attention that we find in the new product too, PARQUET CARE, specially studied for the specific treatment of parquet flooring.

Hotels and restaurants, but also by offices and gyms, choose it because it’s certainly the most welcoming, warm, elegant and, above all, natural floor: a fascinating furniture element but, at the same time, for its refinement, a sensitive material.

Among the most common threats we find, in fact, tread, rubbing of rotating chairs,

abrasions and surface scars, as well as humidity, stains and visible wear signs.

It follows loss of the gloss of parquet floor.

Starting from these problems, Allegrini R&D laboratory has created PARQUET CARE to:


- give again gloss to parquet foor ruined by wear signs;

- protect against stains and abrasions;

- renovate lacquered, resinous and untreated parquet.


You’ll can accommodate guests in your elegant hotel lobby, keep your fitness room flawless and welcome customers to your chic restaurant… Thanks to the new PARQUET CARE, your parquet will come back as new!


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