New inox ok liquido, for flawless polishing and protection

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Protective polishing for stainless steel surfaces

With over 70 years of experience, Allegrini is always beside its customers.


From scientific tests, scrupulously elaborated by laboratories R&D, comes the new Allegrini best solutionINOX OK LIQUIDOprotective polishing for stainless steel surfaces that have lost their original shine.

Provided with a practical spray, INOX OK LIQUIDO is ready-to-use and ideal for the polishing of all the surfaces in the kitchen (work surfaces, ovens, washing machines, water softeners, furniture, trolleys, extractor fan hoods etc.) and in all areas in general. As well as polishing, INOX OK LIQUIDO creates a very thin protective layer without greasy residue or streaks.


Thanks to its special formulawithout abrasives, guarantees a perfect result even on polished steel surfaces.


An innovative and effective professional product, specifically designed to bring back the surfaces to their original shine, giving flawless gloss and protection!


Click here to learn more.


Watch the new tutorial video and find out the extraordinary results of the unmissable KIT for cleaning + polishing + protection of steel!


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