IP 31 Sgrassatore Marsiglia

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The new multipurpose degreaser with controlled foam

New entry in the Allegrini product range: in the IP line, Allegrini's ready-to-use products, a must-have detergent has recently been introduced, easily recognisable by its perfume and above all by its degreasing effectiveness. It is a practical solution in many sectors and for different stakeholders: hotels, restaurants, bars, cleaning companies.

Its name is IP 31 Sgrassatore Marsiglia, an alternative to a product that already belongs to the IP line, the IP 30 degreaser, but with a different fragrance.

Created by Allegrini R&D laboratories, the product has a formulation with a high degreasing power that allows all types of dirt to be removed, particularly grease and oil from plastic, rubber, fake leather, steel, plexiglas and hard, varnished and laminated surfaces.

It is also effective against the most stubborn dirt. Easy to use, it leaves surfaces clean and well scented thanks to its pleasant marseille fragrance.


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